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This July 18th-23rd the Escapees RV Club is hosting their 60th Escapade in Rock Springs, Wyoming! This week-long event goes from Sunday, July 18 to Friday, July 23rd. It is being held at Sweetwater Events Complex within Rock Springs, Wyoming. The Escapade is the largest annual event put on by the Escapees RV Club community. The Escapees RV Club is said to be the third-largest RV club in the U.S. At Escapade, they expect a few thousand attendees each year and 900+ rigs. Keep reading to learn more about the event, the history, this year’s event calendar, and the event’s location.

This Escapees RV Club event is an annual affair that moves to different locations every year. Escapees Escapade was founded in 1979 with a meager total of 24 families attending the first gathering in Bakersfield, California. Since then the club has been successful, and the annual events have only grown in size and intricacy. The last Escapade was held in Tucson, Arizona, and was a complete success! This year will be the 60th Escapade. The Escapees Escapade was started by Kay and Joe Peterson after they had lived full-time in their RV since 1972 with their two youngest children. At that time, full-time RV living was frowned upon and wasn’t quite understood. As the lifestyle began to finally catch attention, there was a demand for a national organization for like-minded RV enthusiasts. Joe and Kay took hold of this and ran with it. Their daughter, Cathie Carr, joined the establishment and made her way to the CEO position. Now the Escapees RV Club is in the hands of Travis Carr, Carrie’s son, and his wife Melanie. To this day they are passionate about carrying on the family business and values. For more background on the start and continuation of the Escapees RV Club, visit their blog post “Roots Run Deep”.

The Escapade has a jam-packed schedule with a variety of different events. There will be seminars, entertainment, speakers, education, vendors, and so much more. Although the official 2021 Escapade Event Calendar has not been released, they have announced entertainment acts and a few specific workshops and special events. On Sunday evening, the event will be hosting Lucy Darling: The Mistress of Magic. This magic act has won multiple awards and is known for its high-level entertainment. On Monday evening, Few Miles South will be on stage. This band uses aspects of classic country music to connect with listeners. The Status Crowes are the entertainers for Tuesday evening. This duo is known for memorable, off-the-fly Escapees performances. They have been at multiple events for the club and are always asked to come back. Another event that attendees always look forward to is “Escapade’s Got Talent”. Among 2,000 Escapees at Escapade, there is always guaranteed talent. The final Farewell Party will be put on by The Status Crowes once again.

There are many workshops put on prior to Escapade and during Escapade to educate and inform RVers. This includes “RVers Boot Camp” which takes place the Thursday – Saturday before the actual Escapade event. This boot camp includes over 20 hours of classroom instruction along with materials. Attendees will receive education and advice on many different RV topics: basic RV technique, tire safety, fire safety, towing procedures, and much more. There is a $200 to $400 cost for the event because of the abundance of information. For a more in-depth breakdown of “RVers Boot Camp” and to sign up, visit RVersBootCamp

Another great program that Escapade has to offer is Kidscapade. If you plan on bringing along your children or grandchildren, this program was created with you in mind. Kidscapade is put on to keep children busy while having fun and learning. The children will participate in arts & crafts, games, adventuring, storytelling, history lessons, and many other exciting activities. In order for your child to join this program all you have to do is sign up; there is no cost to you! This program is a great way for your kids to meet other young people that are involved in RV life.

This year the event is being held in Rock Springs, Wyoming. This town is located in the Southwest part of the state. It is said to be the fifth most populated town in Wyoming with a population of 20,000. The town’s roots come from the railroad and mining industries that grew within that region. Rock Springs and the surrounding territories are great areas to explore before, during, or after the Escapade! The terrain is rocky, desert-like plateau that makes for stunning scenery. Take a visit to Flaming Gorge Reservoir; the largest reservoir in Wyoming. The heart of the reservoir is a mere hour and a half drive from Rock Springs. Check out Killpecker Sand Dunes and Boar’s Tusk which are only a 40-minute drive away. Dune buggy rides are very popular, but there are many other activities to take part in as well. You can take a hike through the dunes, keep your eyes peeled for wildlife, and take in the beautiful sunsets over the sand every night. Don’t forget to take a visit to Boar’s Tusk, which is the remains of a dormant volcano and reaches an elevation of 7,000 feet. Downtown Rock Springs is full of great locations and stops as well. Visit Farson Mercantile and Rock Springs Historical Museum for some in-town sightseeing. Rock Springs, Wyoming is a perfect location for the Escapade this year, and it is highly encouraged to go out and visit more of the town!

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