Exterior Must Haves For Outfitting Your RV

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It is more than likely that your RV isn’t going to come with every little product you’re going to need and want right off the bat. There are many products that you are going to have to purchase after owning your RV to make it feel like home and to work the way you want. Although it may seem like many of these products will be needed on the inside, the exterior requires almost as many attachments. Today, you will read up on items that you are going to want to purchase for the outside of your RV.

The first items are hoses, tanks, and dispensers for plumbing and water. For drinking water, there are a few attachments needed to make it as convenient as possible. This includes a drinking water hose, a regulator for water pressure, and a water filter. Sewage piping and hoses are also vital. This includes a sewer hose and all fittings that are required for it to run properly. Holding tanks and dispensers are also vital pieces of equipment. 

The next outfitting products are electricity-related. Any type of extension cord is going to be put to good use. Anything from a 30 amp to a 50 amp cord is going to be sufficient for the motorhome. Some RV parks only have 30 amp power outlets, but some vehicles require 50 amp. This is when an electrical adapter is going to be important to buy. In case of emergencies, a smart purchase is going to be a power surge protector. A surge protector is going to prevent damage to any tech within the RV if there are unexpected situations or problems with connections and power. Electricity is important to a functioning RV lifestyle, so it is highly recommended to look into all of these products. 

Keeping your motorhome clean is essential both for looking good and running correctly. Using any soap made for vehicle exteriors will work great for cleaning the exterior of your coach. Buying a brush with an extendable handle is going to be vital for reaching all parts of the vehicle – top to bottom. A step stool might also be handy if the extender is not quite long enough to reach the very top areas. Keeping the windshield free of bugs and dirt is important for clear viewing while driving. The same soap can be used or window washing sprays with a cloth or glove for the glass. Everyone once in a while, it is a great idea to use some sort of polish or wax to shine up the surface. Make sure to find products that are meant for RV use and won’t damage the siding. Check out DoItYourselfRV.com for more product referrals and cleaning information.

Lastly, there are cosmetic items that can spruce up the exterior look of your home on wheels. The first item is an awning. Some motorhomes can be purchased with this addition, but it may be something that needs to be added. Awnings create a great outdoor space for gathering. It creates shade and is a great cover for food or a TV. A few other items can be bought to create a great outdoor area: an outside rug, a picnic table, an outdoor TV, and patio furniture. These can all be placed outside under an awning or out by themselves. All of these items make the outside of your camper a great lounging space and a fun area to hang out with friends and family. 

The exterior part of your RV requires quite a few additional purchases for everything to run smoothly. These items vary greatly depending on your model and what originally came with it. Some of these items are optional, while others are necessary. It is up to you and your lifestyle to decide which of these products are important enough to buy. Take time to research the products and find the ones that are going to work best with your model. Check out RVTechMag.com and FloridaRambler.com for an in-depth look at a few items and more product suggestions. Looking into purchasing plumbing items, electrical items, cleaning supplies, and additional outdoor products for your RV today!

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