Fun Games to Play While Traveling

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When driving from one destination to another in your RV, time can go by quite slowly. It’s important to spend quality time with your other travelers, but also find ways to stay busy. On-the-road travel games are a great solution for this! Not only are you spending time with those around you, but you’re also keeping your mind off of the long travel hours. These activities are also terrific for children that need to keep their mind’s busy! Playing these games will make your road trip much more enjoyable: the Alphabet Game, I Spy, Cow On My Side, the License Plate Game, and Category ABCs.

The Alphabet Game

This game is great to play in cities or places where there is a lot of advertising! The object of the game is to look around the motorhome or out the window to find words that start with the letters of the alphabet in descending order. This means that you start the game by looking for a word that starts with the letter ”A”. When someone finds it, they will shout it out! The Alphabet Game can be played competitively, which would consist of everyone building off their own alphabet, and the first person to complete it wins. The game can also be played cooperatively, meaning everyone works through the alphabet together. The words can be found on anything from bumper stickers to a billboard. It’s your job to keep your eyes and mind alert in order to spot them!

I Spy

This is a classic children’s game that most people are familiar with. One person starts out by saying “I Spy with my little eye something ____”, and then names a color. This person has an item picked out in their head that is that particular color. Everyone else in the RV will then take turns trying to guess what the item is. It is best to pick items that won’t soon be driven past and disappear. It’s smart to either pick something inside of the vehicle or to pick something general out the window that is consistently outside. Once someone figures out the item, it is then their turn to pick out an item and state the color.

Cow On My Side

This is a great game to play in Midwestern and rural areas! For this game, you peer out the window on your side of the RV. When a cow appears you announce, “Cow on my side!” For this exclamation, you get one point for your side of the vehicle. If you see a cow appear on the opposite side of the motorhome you can state, “Cow on your side!” When saying this before the person on that side of the RV, a point is taken away from them and given to you. When spotting a cemetery yell, “Ghost cow!”. When saying this before the other side, you steal all of the points from the other team! This game is sure to keep the drive exciting and alert. Cow On My Side was discovered at

The License Plate Game

This is another classic travel game that will keep all members alert and observant! The License Plate game is perfect for when you want children to look out the window and observe instead of staring down at a screen! The goal is to find and keep track of all the different state license plates that are spotted on the road. You can also keep tallies on the amount of each license plate you find. The game can be played in competitive teams or with cooperation with everyone in the RV to find them together.

Category ABCs

This is another game that consists of keeping track of the ABCs. Category ABC starts with one person deciding on a category. Some great examples are foods, celebrities, and animals; any topic works great! Whoever starts will say an item starting with the letter “A” that also fits within the topic. The next person to go will come up with an item that starts with “B”, and then it keeps going on from there. This game stops when a player gets stumped and can’t think of an object that starts with the next letter. Using the category of fruits it would proceed similarly to this:

First player – “Apple”

Second Player – “Banana”

Third Player – “Cherry”, and so on.

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Traveling from one place to another can seem very long and boring, but using some of these activities can keep your mind away from the road (unless you’re the driver of course). When using these games with your kids, you are guaranteed to hear a lot less of “Are we there yet?”, and a lot more of “Cow on my side!”. Hopefully, you use some of these ideas on your next travel adventure!

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