Getting Your RV Ready for Spring

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Camping season is just around the corner, so it’s time to start planning so camping trips while locations have openings. But before you go, be sure to de-winterize your camper and RV properly to ensure no unexpected troubles during your stay away from home! The following tips and tricks can help you get your camper or RV ready for the spring camping season:

  1. Check the tires: Be sure to look over your tires for wear and tear that may have been overlooked in the fall. Leaks, cracks, or balding tires could all create serious problems on the road so change out your tires if necessary before your first trip!
  2. Flush, sanitize, and check water lines: There are many steps to this process but taking the time to flush out any stagnant water and check for sneaky leaks can save your RV or camper from potential damage.
  3. Check electric and gas lines: Give your RV a test run hookup at home to identify any electric or gas-related problems including appliances, lights, and plug-ins.
  4. Replace/refill propane tanks: Speaking of gas lines, be sure your propane tanks are filled before your trip. Check that any old or reused propane tanks are still in working condition before taking your trip.
  5. Refill safety and first aid kits: Pull out and review your first aid kits and other safety items. What needs to be refilled or replaced? It pays to be prepared before potential injuries!
  6. Check engines and other battery needs: If you have an RV or a generator for your camper consider running an engine diagnostic and recharging your batteries or backup generators.
  7. Inspect the exterior and clean the interior: One last lookover on the outside of your RV or camper could reveal any damage from storage like a broken window or punctured siding. Finally giving your interior a good deep clean will ensure a comfortable first outing without any surprises from last year’s camping season.


With these seven tips in mind, you are on your way to prepping your camper or RV for spring outings. There are plenty of online resources to help create a de-winterizing checklist to catch any potential problems before it’s too late to fix them.

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