Homeschooling on the Road

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Full-time RVing is becoming more popular among all demographics – including families. A huge deciding factor when it comes to the RV lifestyle with children is schooling. There are a few different options that RVers use for their children in order to give them the best education. It may be a huge change for those that are used to traditional schooling, but to many travelers, it is worth it! 

As expected, homeschooling on the road is more flexible and personalized. There are many more opportunities to learn content through experiences and hands-on lessons. The learning content can be formed by where you are currently located. You can take field trips to museums, landmarks, state/national parks, zoos, special events, and so much more. They can all be turned into learning experiences. All of these locations and experiences will teach children in ways that could never happen in a classroom! The possibilities are truly endless and can be discovered as you travel! Field trips are a huge aspect of homeschooling for full-timers, but sit-down classroom time is still implemented. 

Homeschooling can be done within any personalized schedule. This means you can create a schedule that works best for your children and traveling. For some families, this may mean getting all the sit-down school work completed in the mornings and then exploring outside of the RV afterward. This could also look like having certain days dedicated to desk and bookwork, while other days are all dedicated to getting outside. Some families will rely on a solid schedule more than others, but it is most efficient to have some sort of routine put in place no matter what. One thing that has been found to help with children’s focus is finding a consistent location for school work. When identifying a specific area in your vehicle for school, children can differentiate school time from other aspects of their day-to-day life. 

A huge advantage to homeschooling while full-time RVing is the learning outside of the classroom. Children are fully immersed in nature and the changing environment around them. Of course, there is still the bookwork and grading like any schooling program, but there is such a wide array of what the kids can learn. It is the best of both worlds! If you are hesitant to the full-time RV life because of the schooling aspect, don’t worry any longer. So many families are extremely happy with the transition to roadschooling! Take some time to look into this interactive and personalized way of schooling your children! 

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