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Every year brings new trends and fads in various industries, and RVs are no different. Over the past calendar year purchasing and vacationing with an RV has significantly increased as other vacationing options and destination locations have been limited due to COVID restrictions. With 2020 coming to a close, RV trends for the past year are also hinting at what trends could remain into the new calendar year. Here are a few trends to look out for and possibly use to your advantage in the future:

  1. Busier Campsites: With an influx of sales in the last year, it is predicted that higher-than-average sales of RV and Trailer campers will continue in 2021. This means that there will be more first-time camper owners (be careful on the roads and in campgrounds!) and there will be more RV and camper reservations at campgrounds that may have previously been a hidden gem. Be sure to plan out your trips in advance this year and always check availability before hitting the road – you may not find as many site options as in previous years.
  2. Camper Vans: One of the most interesting trends in sales this past year was an increase in interest in camper vans. These smaller compact versions are seen as more viable to many first-time camper owners due to cost, ease of out-of-season storage, and the ability to up and go without too much hassle or pre-planning.
  3. Renting out Campers: With the increase in RVs and Campers being purchased, many buyers will also use this new mode of vacationing as a rental opportunity! Newer and trendier ways to find vacation rentals other than hotels include using AirBNB and Vrbo, which opens up all kinds of opportunities for RV and Camper owners to rent out their temporary living space to other travelers. Although there are some requirements to be listed on these rental sites, anyone with a yearly spot at a campground can easily coordinate their weekend visits to accommodate guests.
  4. Permanent Portable Home: One interesting trend indicated that many first-time RV and camper buyers used their purchase as a way to cut back on rent or homeowner costs. Permanently choosing to live in their new RV or Camper allows people to travel at will, maintain their current job if necessary, and cut back on clutter or unnecessary baggage.
  5. Remote-Working Vacations: Building off of the previous trend, many resources predict that more and more Rv and camper owners will use their wheels to take their work on the road to get a head start on vacations or continue to work partial hours while on vacation by clocking in virtually. With 2020 came the realization that many jobs can in fact be completed outside of company headquarters. People with those types of jobs can use this new knowledge and skill to their advantage by staying productive and getting quality vacation time as needed.

Based on the last year’s trends, there could be some new and exciting opportunities for RV and Camper owners in the coming year. Some of these could be business or recreational opportunities that can make your RV even more fulfilling financially with a few easy changes to your typical vacation routine. Predicted trends may not always be the true future, but reflecting back, looking ahead, and planning as necessary could help you make the most of your potential asset!

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