How To Avoid Tire Blowouts On Your RV

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RV tire blowouts can be very dangerous while traveling, and they can also cause terrible damage to your RV. Here are some tips to help avoid causing a tire blowout:

Air Pressure

Make sure that your tires are properly inflated. Make sure that you educate yourself on how to properly inflate your tires as RV tires are quite different from regular car tires.

Keep Tabs On The Weight Of Your RV

If your RV is overloaded (or if it is loaded unevenly), it can cause stress to your tires. Make sure to stay within the recommended weight limit of your RV and pack things evenly to avoid this.

Double-Check Your Tires

Before you leave for any trip you should always do a full circle around the RV to ensure that you look over each tire. Make sure that you check the condition for wear and tear. If you use your RV often, it’s a good idea to change your tires regularly; balding and/or damaged tires can cause major issues that you most likely won’t want to deal with when you’re out on the road. Keep track of when you last had them replaced so you can keep up on your RV maintenance.

Tire Size

Making sure that you have the correct tires for your RV. Improperly sized tires can also cause problems while you travel and in the long run, can cause damage to your RV.

As you prepare for your next RV adventure, be sure to keep in mind the above tips to ensure that a tire blowout doesn’t happen. And, of course, always keep a spare tire or two with you as well just in case of an emergency or unforeseen event.

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