How to Prepare Your RV for Traveling in the Winter

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There are a few extra steps that are smart to enforce when deciding to travel in your RV during the winter months. The cold and icy weather can have effects on your RV that the warmer weather doesn’t, but with a few precautions, your travel will be just as enjoyable! These essential steps are to add winter fixtures, prepare current furnishings, and pack sufficient gear.


Add Winter Fixtures

There are pieces of equipment that are built to make winter RV travel full of enjoyment, efficiency, and safety. All of these products are found to be very popular among winter travelers and are highly recommended. Most of the mentioned pieces should be available at any home improvement store or easily ordered online. Tire chains are a product that is commonly talked about. These chains are attached to the tires of the RV in order to produce more friction when coming into contact with snow or ice on the road. The next item that is highly recommended is used for warmth: an RV winter skirt. RV skirts are used to keep the equipment on the underside of the RV from freezing. For RV skirt installation and more information go to Thermal window curtains are another product that is used for warmth. It is a way to insulate the windows since actual insulation cannot be installed. Heated water hoses are used in the winter so there are no water freezes or bursts. The hose is controlled with a thermostat for very easy control. These products all have easy installations and hold very important value when it comes to keeping you comfortable and safe in the winter. These products and more are mentioned at and

Prepare Current Furnishings

A few steps to take when preparing your RV for winter have to do with fixing and equipping items that are already in and around your RV. This includes resealing windows, preparing holding tanks, cleaning the furnace, and more. One of the most important preparations is to check all windows and exits for cracks or other spaces in which cold air can seep into the RV. Using caulk to seal all of these possible gaps is essential to staying warm in the winter. Another significant measure for staying warm is to check and install insulation. Placing insulation “between the RV frame and the ground all the way around the base of your rig” will not only keep the people on the inside of the RV warm but will also insulate the holding tanks and plumbing according to These foam insulation boards can be found at most home improvement establishments. It is very smart to inspect your furnace before leaving for your trip. This is a very important aspect of being in your RV in the winter, and it is very important that it is clean and working correctly. Another part of the RV that is important to inspect before traveling is the engine and batteries. Batteries that aren’t fully charged have a higher chance of freezing and dying than fully charged batteries. Preparing RV equipment that is already present in your RV is vital. Cleaning and upgrading these products that you already have will make traveling safer and more efficient.

Pack Sufficient Gear

The last preparation is packing the appropriate items for the trips. Remember that this should include packing for both the people traveling and the RV itself. Some of the items that you should pack for yourself and the people you’re traveling with should be things like waterproof winter outerwear, insulated sleeping bags and blankets, flashlights/headlamps, and snow goggles. It is vital to pack food and beverages, as well. These suggestions and more can be found at All of these items will help to keep you warm while sleeping while exploring outside of your RV, and if there is an emergency that occurs.

It is also essential to pack items for the RV itself. Some of these items are a blow dryer, extra propane tanks, and backup GPS products to name a few. The blow dryer will help unthaw a variety of items around the RV that have a chance of freezing. Propane tanks can be used for warmth and cooking, so it is very important to have extra on hand. Having a backup GPS is always something that should be available to always have directions and awareness of where to travel. Packing the correct items for your trip will make the experience more enjoyable and put all travelers at ease.

Winter RV traveling has a few extra steps in order to fully be prepared. Following a few simple actions and buying a couple of necessities will help make the transition to adventures in the winter much easier. The essential steps to think about are buying winter RV products, preparing furnishings you already have, and packing vital items. Using these ideas will help you enjoy your travels with comfort while being prepared for emergencies.

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