Renting an RV – What You Need to Know

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More and more often people are turning to more rustic and simple vacations, including road trips, camping, and RV trips. Even if you don’t have an RV you can still take that RV vacation you’ve always wanted, but there are a few things you need to know about renting such a large vehicle for your dream vacation. Consider the following tips and tricks to help you make the most of your RV rental!

Check the vehicle class of the RV you are renting. There are three different class types (A, B, and C), and depending on the class your RV rental is under could mean you need the required license to drive it. It would be beneficial to have at least two adults on your trip who are licensed to drive the RV so you can take shifts driving as needed. If getting the required license is an issue for your vacation group then it might be necessary to look into other camper rental options such as towables or hiring a driver.


There are RV rental companies all across America so you have options when it comes to finding a rental! Decide if you want to road trip or fly to your destination and rent an RV from a company near your vacation spot, or rent an RV from a company or friend local to you and drive to your vacation destination! Either choice has its perks and drawbacks but ultimately it is up to the travelers to what kind of trip they want to take!

Do a cost analysis before you go! An RV rental will obviously cost money and each company has different rates, but you may also want to take into account other costs of vacationing in an RV. For example, the cost of gas per mileage with your larger vehicle, campsite rentals per night, RV insurance (if you are required to buy or can opt-out), meal expenses that come along with the RV lifestyle, and many more additional costs. Calculate how much you expect to spend and then give yourself some cushion to ensure your trip goes as smoothly as possible.


Finally, the driving of the RV itself. It is worth mentioning that an RV is not simply an oversized car or truck, it is more similar to a semi-truck when it comes to gas, speeding up and slowing down, parking, and general road maneuvers. Practicing said maneuvers before and exercising defensive driving during the trip is a must to ensure the safety of your vacation group and others on the road!

Although there are added costs to renting an RV for your vacation, it can be a more affordable option to actually purchase and maintain an RV of your own, with the added benefit of living out your RV vacation dreams without the RV post-trip care. The main takeaways when considering RV rental for vacation is the cost analysis, planning ahead, and practicing behind the big wheel before the trip comes! Remember, the more you prepare, the more you can enjoy your trip or at least the more ready you will be for any mishaps that may pop up.

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