Road Trip Guide: Northeast United States – Best Restaurants

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Although your RV provides a convenient traveling kitchen that is always at your disposal, it is still exciting to eat out and immerse yourself in the region and food in the area that you’re traveling. Every region is going to provide different types of food and a whole different restaurant experience, so it’s highly encouraged to visit the most sought-after restaurants in your travel areas. For this article, we are going to be uncovering the best restaurants in the Northeast region of the United States, so the next time you find yourself in the New England area, give these restaurants a visit; your tastebuds will thank you! 


  • Eventide Oyster Co. – Portland, Maine

Delicious seafood is most definitely what the Northeast is known for, so it’s no surprise that an oyster bar is the first restaurant on our list. Eventide Oyster Co. is known for its wide variety of oyster variations. They keep it simple by just serving what they know, and they sure have accomplished that. It is said that no matter the time or day, there will always be at least a short wait before being seated and served.


  •  The Prairie Whale – Great Barrington, Massachusetts

This restaurant is known for its homestead, low-key feel. The restaurant’s owners pride themselves on being a farm-to-table operation by raising meats and vegetables on their own farm and serving it to their guests. The quaint, but delicious, restaurant doesn’t have a website and doesn’t take reservations, so your best bet is to show up and make a wish with the hopes to get a table inside!


  • Polly’s Pancake Parlor – Sugar Hill, New Hampshire

If those last two restaurants didn’t make your mouth water, this location is sure to do the trick! This restaurant is for all of the breakfast food lovers out there. The restaurant was founded in 1938 in order to earn a living during the Great Depression, and has been serving their delicious maple syrup ever since! Whether you’re in the mood for pancakes, waffles, or other breakfast delicacies, you can find them here topped with the famous sugarbush sap that was harvested from the original farm. 


  • Hen of the Wood – Waterbury, Vermont

This high-end restaurant’s goal is to serve true Vermont cuisine to show off the state’s dining and food in the best way possible. The restaurant uses local ingredients and sources in order to truly serve the best regional cuisine to guests. They strive to serve delicious food and provide an aesthetically pleasing environment. They like to think out of the box, which means you may have to ask your waiter about some ingredients that you may not recognize.


  • Woody’s Crab House – North East, Maryland

Yup, you guessed it – Woody’s Crab House serves a variety of crab and other seafood dishes! The restaurant has received various accolades for its crab cakes and other seafood. The restaurant’s environment is just as beloved as the food with its tiki bar and ice cream alley. Maryland is known for its crab, so there isn’t a better place to order some!


Although we know the list of delectable restaurants in the Northeast is endless, we hope this list of five restaurants motivates you to visit, and hopefully, it makes you crave a few of the famous dishes!

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