RV Food Storage Tips

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Stocking your RV’s kitchen poses some challenges that you don’t usually encounter in your home’s kitchen. Unless you live where earthquakes are common, or near a train station, vibration and movement aren’t factors we have to think about in the average kitchen. But arriving at the RV park, after traveling down the highway for a few hours, you’re apt to find some of the items you packed away in the cupboards and refrigerator have shifted around a bit. Here are a few tips on how to safely store your food items and how to best utilize your food storage areas:

  • Non-skid material can be used to keep items in the refrigerator from shifting. Wrapped around a wine bottle, it can protect the glass from breaking. Put a small towel in the fridge to keep items from moving, but don’t cover the vents that keep the air circulating.
  • Buying in bulk or larger quantities of some items may be cheaper, but harder to find a place for them in your RV fridge.
  • Smaller condiments in plastic bottles will be easier to store, and less likely to break.
  • Freezing one meal’s worth of hamburger in a freezer bag cuts down on thawing time. Freezing the hamburger flat, like a book, saves space in the freezer, too!
  • Storage space, in general, can challenge your packing and problem-solving skills, as well. Choose a square, stackable storage containers, which utilize space more efficiently than round ones.
  • Airtight containers will keep food fresher longer, and prevent spills, should they be tipped. Airtight containers also will attract fewer insects and emit fewer smells, two common problems when enjoying the great outdoors and living in tight spaces!
  • Pantry items don’t always have to be stored in the pantry!  Using airtight containers, you can store food items under the bed, or under the bench seating in the dining area.
  • Installing a hanging fruit basket frees up counter space, and keeps your fruit and vegetables fresh.
  • Mounting spice racks on the inside of cupboard doors is an easy way to utilize otherwise wasted space.
  • Using bouillon cubes for cooking, instead of canned broth, uses a lot less space in your cupboard.

  • Keeping the climate of our homes controlled is usually a little easier than our RVs. Be mindful of the food that needs to stay cool, or be kept from too much humidity.
  • It might be wise to purchase bread and milk when you arrive at your destination, rather than trying to keep it fresh along the way.
  • If you’re wanting to save leftovers, investing in a Food Saver system may save you money and storage space.
  • Lining cupboards and drawers with non-skid material is an easy solution to keep most pots and pans in place.
  • Buy cheap ankle socks at the dollar store to wrap around glassware.
  • Using a box lid in the cupboard, not only corrals the contents but makes a “drawer” that’s easy to pull out. Copier paper box lids work especially well for canned goods.
  • Small bungee cords, attached to cup hooks inside a cupboard can keep small appliances in place.

Catalogs and camping stores are full of space-saving gadgets and containers.  There are more do-dads than most people will ever use! As you spend more time in your RV, you’ll learn which will work best for your camping lifestyle.


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