RV Road Trips: Tourist Attractions in the Midwest

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Camping in the midwest is part of growing up for many Americans. According to Outdoor Industry, 14-16% of midwesterners are campers. The great part of being a camper in the midwest is that there are plenty of places to visit nearby. From sand beaches to thrill rides, the midwest has it all.

Indiana Dunes

Along the southern shore of Lake Michigan, you will find the sandy beaches of the Indiana Dunes. This national park promises “sand and solitude”, according to the National Park Website. There are options for lounging at the beach, paddling on the water, and watching over 350 species of birds. In the evening when your family needs a break, check out the 49er Drive-In Theatre: a ’50s-themed outdoor theatre. There are a plethora of campground options; visit Indiana Dunes: Beaches and Beyond for more information on where to stay along the shore.

Mackinac Island

If you want to be transported to a simpler time, look no further than Mackinac Island. This quaint area of Michigan offers boating, hiking, golfing and relaxing, all while experiencing the history of the area. Visit the blacksmith shop or one of the many museums on the island to learn about the past. There are no cars on the island, so you can either saddle up on a horse or hop in one of the many carriage rides offered through the state park. While you can’t bring your RV on the island, you can park it nearby at a campground in Mackinaw City. This will allow you to explore the tourist attractions during the day, and retire in the comfort of your second home away from the hustle and bustle in the evening.

Cedar Point

The self-proclaimed “roller coaster capital of the world” located on Lake Erie in Ohio, Cedar Point offers fun for the whole family. According to cedarpoint.com, there are “18 world-class roller coasters” along with multiple all-age areas to enjoy in the park. Aside from the coasters, there is also an 18-acre waterpark for those hot summer days. If you have some adventurers in your family, rent a Waverunner or go parasailing on the lake. With all of this to offer, Cedar Point is much more than an amusement park. Lighthouse Point, the park’s own RV Park, is located just a short walk from the rides, making it a convenient spot for a family vacation.

Lake of the Ozarks

According to USA Today, the Lake of the Ozarks is the “Best Recreational Lake” in the United States. Come here to golf, fish, boat, or even explore a cave. This area of Missouri is so large it is split into five regions, all with different attractions and activities. If you visit the Ozarks, you are going to want to get on the lake. There are over 30 boat rental shops in the area to find the perfect fit for your family and your budget. This is a popular destination for RV trips, and they accommodate them with over 20 RV parks in the area.

Wisconsin Dells

A list of midwest tourist attractions would be incomplete without a mention of The Dells. People of all ages in the United States, especially in the midwest, have fond memories of visiting as a child. For a low-key family vacation, this place has it all. Visit waterparks, historical sites, and mini-golf courses. If you want to explore the outdoors, check out the duck boat tours or a speed boat ride. Of course, no Dell’s trip is complete without a trip to the pink candy store and a few snaps of old-timey photos. There is a reason why so many midwesterners have memories of this place; it’s family-friendly with something for everyone.

For more midwest tourist attractions, visit Midwest Living for the “Ultimate Midwest Bucket List.”

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