Social Distancing on the Road

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During these difficult times surrounding the corona pandemic, traveling might be a questioning topic. Where is it acceptable for me to visit? Is it safe to go anywhere? What if I am a full-time RVer? There are many questions that are up in the air about these processes. A lot of it is up to each traveler’s discretion as long as they are being safe and following each state’s mandates and rules surrounding COVID-19. Below are a few topics and tips to think about when it comes to traveling during the pandemic.

Research where you will be traveling

Different states have different mandates, so it is important to make sure you are following the correct ones in each state. Throughout this pandemic, each state has had slightly different precautions and mandates set in place. This could be anything from what businesses are open, what locations require face masks, whether you can eat inside restaurants, and more. Researching this information just takes a quick google search. You can even look into tuning into any radio stations or news channels in that area.

Enjoy the outdoors while taking precautions

Escaping to the outdoors during these times is a very smart and safe idea! It is recommended to take a little time and research the best places to go. Since this is the time to social distance and to try your best to stay away from others, take this time to discover unpopular, off-the-grid attractions. The popular and widely talked about locations are either going to be too crowded or even closed to take precautions and keep everyone safe. The safest option is to dig a little deeper and discover an unheard-of place. Getting out of the house or your RV is a great idea and might feel like a necessity, but it’s highly encouraged to find less popular places to discover.

Research the campgrounds

Different campsites are going to have different rules and regulations. It’s important to research these restrictions and find the location that best fits your comfort levels. Some of the aspects to look into are if they are socially distancing the sites, how they are managing public areas within the grounds including bathrooms, and if they are booking up to the highest capacity. Choose the best campground for you; it is important that you feel safe!

Take into consideration staying in one place for awhile

If you don’t have to travel anywhere, it might be the best decision to hunker down and not go anywhere for a while. For full-time RVers, this might not be the best idea, but for others, it is something to think about. Although it may seem like you are distanced and secluded from others when just traveling with your family in an RV, there are still a few vital situations in which you must go to public locations for. This would include gas stations, restaurants/grocery stores for food, travel destinations like parks or attractions, and other necessary stops. There are safe ways to do all of these things, but some risks will remain.

Traveling in your RV during these times of COVID-19 can be a great escape! It is still important to remember that even though you have a secluded space from the public, you must still follow all state mandates and try your best to stay safe. Though it seems like we have been in this pandemic for a very long time, it is still important to social distance the best we can and to wear masks when necessary. Get out and journey, visit an attraction that’s off the grid, and social distance the best you can!

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