Space Saving Tips For Your RV

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When you take frequent RV tips throughout the year, it is easy to purchase too many items for your everyday uses. Since your RV is like a miniature version of your house, you can quickly become limited with space; therefore, it is essential to save space in your RV. Here are some tips to conserve space in your motor home:

  • Put your trash can inside of a low cabinet or purchase an over-the-door trash can holder so it can be easily accessible when you open the door.
  • Stick suction cup hooks to the sides of cabinets and walls to hang kitchenware. Not only will these hooks allow you to save space, but they also won’t damage your cabinets or walls.
  • Hang up a paper towel holder underneath a cabinet to save counter space.
  • Purchase a spinning spice rack. These can be placed in a cabinet and can easily be rotated for accessibility.
  • Purchase an over-the-door towel rack or install one on the wall.
  • If you decide to install the towel rack, a great way to make use of the door is to hang up an over-the-door organizer to easily store toiletries, make-up, and much more.
  • A good way to manage shower space is to either get a shower caddy that hangs on the shower head or install a soap, shampoo, and conditioner dispenser. One dispenser typically holds two or three spots for these and can be easily found online.
Living Room/Bedroom
  • Avoid purchasing nightstands – while they may appear appealing, you can easily purchase a bedside caddy, saving large amounts of space.
  • If you have room in your living room or bedroom closets, it is a great idea to place shoe racks in them to allow for extra shelving space. You can also hang an over-the-door shoe organizer to better suit your storage needs.
  • If you have any shelving units on the walls, you can utilize these by placing more hooks on the sides for coats and bags.
  • Ottomans are another great storage opportunity. Although they can be bulky, these handy footrests can hold storage that will bring comfort to your motor home.
  • We all know the frustrations of losing your remotes. One great way to save table space and ensure you do not lose your remote is to Velcro them to a table in your living room or bedroom. When you are done using them, just stick them back to the Velcro so they don’t disappear.

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