Tips for Communicating While on The Road

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Keeping in touch with family and friends while out in your RV is a necessity for most travelers. Some RV adventurers can be gone for months at a time, so it’s essential to stay connected to loved ones that aren’t traveling along with you! Keeping in touch and posting your experiences guarantees that friends and family can stay up to date with your travels. This can be anything from ensuring a reliable Wi-Fi source or hotspot, sending postcards, or taking advantage of the best social media platforms for your use.



RV Wi-Fi is very similar to a Wi-Fi connection at home, but there are a few differences. When you are traveling in your RV, you are obviously not in a stationary location. This means you aren’t going to get the fastest internet connection at all times. There are a few different options that are used by both full-time RV travelers and occasional campers: Wi-Fi mobile hotspots, campsite Wi-Fi, and public internet. Mobile hotspots are the most similar to Wi-Fi in homes. In most instances, the hotspot is a device that is set up in your RV to pull in a signal from the closest server or Wi-Fi connection. This is the most reliable option since the device is located inside your vehicle and is finding the closest signal that it can. Free Wi-Fi connection at campsites is offered to campers more times than not. The only problem with this solution is that it isn’t always the strongest or fastest connection. When there are multiple units connected to the connection and the campsite is a large area of land, it might not be a reliable option. It’s a positive when it does work well, but shouldn’t be something you count on. The last popular option is the use of public Wi-Fi connections. There are many restaurants, stores, and other buildings that offer a free Wi-Fi connection. This can consist of anything from spending the day in a coffee shop to sitting in the parking lot of a McDonald’s for a short time in order to take care of the things that need to get done. The second and third options can work for people who don’t use their cellular devices often and can manage to have slower data. The first option, a mobile hotspot, will offer the fastest and most consistent Wi-Fi used the most by full-time travelers. Having a strong internet connection is important for many people that want to stay connected with loved ones back home via calling, texting, video chatting, and more. and have additional information on the topic of internet connections while RV traveling.


Postcards are a classic and effective way to update the ones you love on your expeditions. Trying to send a postcard at every stop or big attraction will give them a great sense of what you are up to! Sending handwritten messages is starting to become a lost art, but can be seen as a very heartfelt way to communicate. It is as easy as finding a postcard dedicated to the location you’re at or a generic postcard, writing a sweet message about the stop, adding a stamp and the address of your recipient, and sending it off in the mail.

Social Media Platforms

Social media is not only a great place to update family and friends on your experiences, but to also document your travels. There are many beneficial applications for this usage: Instagram, Facebook, a blog/website, YouTube, and more. For these functions, it’s important to keep your Wi-Fi plan in mind. Depending on how often you will use these, the data usage can grow more than you would like to allow. If this is the case, you might want to think about getting a larger internet plan. Loved ones back home can follow/subscribe to your profiles in order to stay in contact with your journeys. Travel blogs and YouTube channels are becoming increasingly popular! Viewers, not just family and friends, are showing interest in the RV lifestyle and travel. Check out some of these successful blogs to get some ideas: Dedicate an Instagram or Facebook account to your RV travels and post updates and pictures. Family and friends will be able to see them and message responses back! There are endless possibilities with social media platforms.

When using these communication tips while traveling, you can communicate with the ones you love back home, as well as loved ones from all over the world! Using Wi-Fi options, sending postcards in the mail, and posting on social media platforms will help your family and friends stay connected with your adventures. You can feel comfort in knowing that they are following along on your journeys, and they can feel as if they are there right along with you!

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