Tips on Reserving a Great RV Spot

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When traveling in your RV, it is important to know when and where to make stops. Learning how to make the best reservation is essential! These reservations could be made for a quick overnight stop or a week-long visit! There are a few important things you should know when it comes to reserving: take advantage of websites and resources, think ahead, understand each campsite’s reservation requirements, and other necessary tips!


Websites, Apps, &  Resources

There are many resources available for RV travelers when it comes to making the best reservations. Within these websites and apps, you can search by location, date, cost, and more in order to find the best fit for what you need. These resources are also helpful when looking at reviews and ratings from past visitors. When using apps, it will conveniently be on your phone at all times. You can make an account, and it will save all past visits and future reservations directly to your device. Some highly reviewed resources are,, and These websites all have app versions that you can download as well!

All of these resources and more can be found at

Plan Ahead

When thinking about making reservations, it is imperative to make them ahead of time. Depending on the location you are traveling to, the campsites might be booked months beforehand! It is always a good idea to check for openings, and then secure a site for yourself as soon as possible. According to, some RV campsites even charge a fee for booking last minute. To prevent yourself from paying any unnecessary fees, it is in your best interest to book far enough ahead. The more desirable sites within each campground have a higher chance of being booked and unavailable. If you like specific areas or locations within a park or campground, you will want to reserve that spot as soon as you can!

Understand Reservation Policies

Every campsite will have different policies and rules for reserving. It is important to go over these guidelines before signing up. Some elements to look for include: what the canceling policies are, how payments work, and how to check-in and check-out. Some sites will have very large cancellation fees, especially if they are very popular locations! It is important to take that fee into consideration before making a reservation. Payment methods will also differ depending on the camp location. Some may require you to pay for the whole reservation at once, while others might just require a beginning deposit and then a full payment later. Lastly, make sure to look into how each campground executes checking in and out. Some offices might close at a certain time and require a special procedure if you come later than that time. Other locations might not let you enter after a certain time. Some sites want you to visit a particular office, while others have more free reign. These are all important aspects to think about before making a reservation and showing up!

Other Tips & Tricks

Some campsites don’t have online reservations, so it is important to call in ahead of time to secure a site! If you make a reservation on an app or website last minute, it is also a good idea to call in to make sure they are expecting your arrival. Another example in which it is smart to call ahead of time is if a campground only has a first come first served basis. Calling to see how many spots are still available will give you an estimate on the chances of you being able to claim a spot.

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