Top 5 Ways To Keep Pests Out Of Your RV

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They can be in your home. They can be in your car. That’s right, they can also be in your RV. Insects, rodents, and even snakes are common pests that cause headaches for many RV owners. Each camping season, it is important to protect your investment from those pesky critters that can cause damage. Here are five of our best tips:

Keep it Clean

One of the many responsibilities of owning an RV is keeping it clean and well-maintained, inside and out. This is the first essential step to keeping pests out. Pests that have found food outside of your motor home may make their way into your RV for dessert. When dealing with food on the inside of your RV, clean up any appliances, counter space, and dishes you have used, sweep the floor, and take out your trash.

Pack it Up

Pests can’t get to food that is in sealed containers. Refrain from leaving your food out on the counter while you take your evening walk around the campground. Take a few extra moments to put away leftovers and clean up your workspace so you don’t find unwanted visitors when you return.

Take it Out

Do not leave any food in your RV after the camping season or when you know it will not be in use for long periods. Without anyone maintaining the motor home, it will be even easier for pests to get in and it will be even more compelling for them if food is available. Clean out your fridge, cabinets, and food containers, leaving no crumb behind for the pests to make a meal out of.

Spray and Trap

Another way to keep pests out of your motor home is to spray your doors and windows with bug sprays such as Repel and Off! You may also want to purchase ant, mouse, or other critter traps. A simple approach to keeping pests away is to simply make sure all doors and windows are shut at all times. This is a great way to keep even larger animals like mice and snakes from searching for a cozy spot in your motor home for the winter.

Check your Pets

Of course, you like to bring Fido on your travels, but it is important to take special care of your pets, too. Ticks and fleas love to hitch rides on your pets, which is an easy way for them to get into your motor home. Bathe your pet regularly and give it flea medicine to lower the risks of pests in your RV.

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